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24/09/2016 · One-Arm Bent-Over Lateral Raises – Same motion but with your off-hand resting on a knee. Or done with the same starting position as one-arm dumbbell rows one knee and off arm up on a bench. Lying Rear Lateral Raises – With the same motion but lying stomach-down on an elevated bench. Lateral Raises – Targets the side delts. Bent of lateral raises allow for great isolation of the rear deltoid. Bent-Over Lateral Raises Dumbbell. without rounding the back allowing arms to hang. Keeping a slight bend in the elbows, raise the arms to horizontal, and exhale throughout the movement. Keep your upper arms perpendicular to your torso to minimize the involvement of your lats. The dumbbell bent-over lateral raise is also known as the dumbbell rear lateral raise. Also see the seated bent-over lateral raise and the head-supported bent-over dumbbell lateral raise. Bent-over lateral raise video. Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise is a type of workout that targets your posterior deltoid. Deltoid encompasses the muscles on top of your shoulder or on the uppermost part of your arm. Their shapes are rounded and triangular whose two sides are called anterior and posterior. In this kind of workout, it purposely addresses on [].

Lateral raises strengthen the stabilizing muscles in your shoulders and improve your muscular balance. Performing lateral raises with bent arms is one modification of this popular and effective exercise. You can also choose other variations to make the traditional lateral raise easier or more challenging. One-Arm Bent-Over Cable Lateral Raise Exercise. One-arm bent-over cable lateral raise is the machine equivalent of the dumbbell rear lateral raise, with the difference that the cable provides more constant resistance if you are careful to ensure a smooth isokinetic movement.

13/01/2018 · If the only thing that you achieve by cranking out endless sets of dumbbell lateral raises is broken down and achy shoulders, chances are you are training this movement totally wrong. Before you throw away the lateral raise for good deeming it an “inherently dangerous” movement for the. 11/10/2011 · Are bent arm lateral raises just as effective as straight arm ones? Because with normal lateral raises i can't even do 12kg properly, while if i do them bent armed i can handle more weight. So do you think i should keep doing bent armed lateral raises, or switch to straight arm and lift really small weights? Thanks for your help everyone. Je bent hier: Home / schouders / achterkant schouders / bent-over single-arm raises 7x bent-over single-arm raises 26 oktober 2014 / categorie: achterkant schouders, schouders / door webbick. Bij deze oefening heb je een dumbbell nodig. 27/12/2009 · For as long as I've been training, I've had the DB lateral raise in my shoulder workout. I generally do them with a straight arm or a slight bend at the elbow, but since my progress on that exercise continues to lag, I've been told I should try replacing them with L-lateral raises raises done with the arm angled at about 90 degrees. Movements for the posterior deltoid done in the transverse plane are also referred to by terms like rear delt fly, reverse fly, rear lateral raise, bent-over lateral raises or other variations. Other muscles that aid the posterior deltoid include the two lateral rotators of the rotator cuff: the infraspinatus and teres minor.

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